Monday, 29 December 2008

Seb Curtis just e-mailed me this edit of Myself, Glen, Seb and some Antiz heads. It contains the shreddage he ghetto cam-ed from the radicalnesses of BCN and Badalona. It has the title Gash Central i think that's more a comment on our skating than our prowess with the ladies.

It took him 2 years and 5 hours to edit.

David Allen Coe provides the obscenities.

Blog blog the whatings:

Here's some leftovers from a US trip we did in rented Dodge Van, alleged to have been used in a porno by the bang bros. We drove from Encinitas, California to Portland, Oregon. Our crew: Div Adam, Benson, Andy Scott, John Rat and Stu G were ripping daily, here's some of the stuff from when they weren't.

Is it bad blogging someone elses blog, what what the bloggins:

In Portland you can turn these

Into this

Burnett and John putting in the work

At blockhead ramp.
So Benson could do this:

Div catching some hangover zzz's at Louie's

Culture Vulture

Cube's place

the rung below "couch surfing" is the floor

Breakfast of champos

Stu stoked on the fact he found something to buy
in keeping with his buck-a-day budget

One Love, several small pangs of anguish
Andy blazin

No AC, hot as hades, still no excuse.

Stu pap

Div sleeping the booze off, again

Saturday, 27 December 2008

a door

a tree

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Some things i shot that never got run and never will. Whatevs das bloggage:

Ferg from Arbroath with a Back Tail (with shuv it i think), at the
Forth Road Bridge where you get to skate10 minutes tops.

John in Glasgow with an easy peazy front three, shot for giggles.

Shier and Colin leftovers from a trip to the south of France:

Paul Shier, Scratcher to Tectonique

Colin Kennedy, Spin with Grinding, Best Spot Ever in Girona

Thibaud Fradin, Gap to Switch Tail.
From a Cliche Trip to Poland many years ago. We bribed the
ower of the shop to let us skate, then an hour later his mum
came out wanting the same moneys again, cheeky bastards.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


some more files from the vaults, my folder titled: desktops
Pretty arrogant of me having my own pictures as my desktop i know. Maybe more so by putting them on here..but i'm just bloggin.
what what the bloggins:
Colin Adam

Justin Strubing, 5-0

Julian Furones
H'min Bam

Andrew White, Switch 180

David Adam, Back Smith

Thursday, 18 December 2008

I just spent some time with the Badalona Hobo Crew and when i got back to Edinburgh I found out Document Magazine was down the shitter.
2 years ago The Antiz crew took part in "The Big Push" (Document's K.O.T.R. rip-off) and was probably the best tour i've ever been on. There was lot's of point and shoot (read: bloggable) crap i found entertaining. Rather than let it never be seen i thought i'd start a Blog to show it off.
What what the bloggins:
Dodgiest Van Rental in Glasgow
Nice Hair Do

Hobofying the front room

Ghetto Pod

You Cuuuuunt!

Falls Of Falloch

Loch Lommond Chilling

Steve Checks it Out

Pure Style

More Style

Shock Yourself!

The tour was at fever pitch

Steve was hyped

Fucking Religion

This place smells of sperm and shite

Late night off road

Glen mans up

Seb skives

Julian shows off to Kerry

Une Petit Bedo

Going Hobo in Glen's Fishing Hut

4 star hobo that is

Hugo showing his sensitive caring side

Morning after the night before

Hulian getting brisk

Antiz: officially the sexiest team in skateboarding!!

Breakfast is different in Scotland

Gabib got shocked

The Gabib's Shins

Yeah so what! Hulian can Benni

That's French the "special guest" throwing the Vees

And here he his throwing a slash up there

Glasgow in summer

Kingston Bridge is Good for Echos

Julian gets arty

The Gabib gets on the wall
Dead Rat

They sent us 11 cases of this shite, we tossed it.

These kids are a perfect example of "neds"

We gave them heaps of chocolates

After ditching 11 cases of relentless energy drink we made a Red Bull pit stop

Hulian SO stoked to see some Scottish history

As was French

Hugo hits jackpotRock out!
With your cock out
New PArty Trick!
Road horn
and some for the ladies
Party in the Van!
and wilder

and wilder

and wilder

and then French broke the door and nearly killed Hulian

Then we party'd some more
Ollie showed us his sack
and then so did Rob....

Bambi and Reese touched some weird girl's knockers

and pissed in each others pockets.

R.I.P. Doco. Antiz RIP!