Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Machotaildrop is film by Corey Adams and Alex Craig. I can't really tell you too much about this film except i think it will be like Thrashin' on acid, with less skateboarding and more weirdos.

Let Alex Craig fill you in by reading the interview run in the last issue of Plus1 Magazine by either clicking here:
Or here:

Some more random photographs from my trip to Budapest to witness the making of Machotaildrop

John can't escape the Curse of the Andrecht.

Alex getting a perk of the job. He now has a spawn.

This man is Corey, he was born with a beard.

Mavie gets an instant dose of Karma to the dome,
after slicing my foot open on some glass minutes earlier

Vanessa, looking pissed off in the Danube.

Vanessa, syncronized swimming with herself in the Danube.

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