Sunday, 11 January 2009

Some old shite from the depths of my computer.

Fit Fit the bloggage.

Javier Mendizabal. Transfer, Montpellier. circa 2005

Stu G, Frigid. From our trip to the U.S. about 4 years ago.

Tony Da Silva. Switch krizzler up and round, Dundee. circa 2004

Dave Mackey, Shuvit to skinny pavement, Dundee. circa 2004

Jamie Bolland, Glasgow, circa 2004

Jim Gagne. Back Smith, San Pedro. circa 2005

Mark Foster. Front Board, Edinburgh. circa 2004

Div. Five O, San Diego circa 2005

Eddie Belvedere. Gap Front Board, Edinburgh. circa 2004

Danijel Todorovic. Malmo, Sweden. circa 2004

Div. P.D.A. circa 2004

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